Dr. Andrea Bignasca  Director

Dr. Andrea Bignasca  


Michel Pompanin Managing Director

Michel Pompanin 

Managing Director

Kristina Schäublin Assistant to the Management & Fundraising

Kristina Schäublin 

Assistant to the Management & Fundraising

Simone Stöckli Assistant to the Managing Director

Simone Stöckli 

Assistant to the Managing Director


Dr. André WieseHead of Permanent Collection & Special ExhibitionsMember of the Extended Executive BoardDepartment Egypt

Dr. André Wiese

Head of Permanent Collection & Special Exhibitions
Member of the Extended Executive Board
Department Egypt

Dr. Esaù DozioCurator Special ExhibitionsDepartment Greek Vases 

Dr. Esaù Dozio

Curator Special Exhibitions
Department Greek Vases 

Laurent Gorgerat

Laurent Gorgerat

Curator Special Exhibitions
Department Middle East

laurent.gorgerat (at)

+41 61 201 12 44

Dr. Tomas LochmanCurator Permanent CollectionDepartment Greek and Roman Sculptures 

Dr. Tomas Lochman

Curator Permanent Collection
Department Greek and Roman Sculptures 

Dr. Oskar KaelinAssistant Permanent Collection & Special Exhibitions

Dr. Oskar Kaelin

Assistant Permanent Collection & Special Exhibitions

Kurt BosshardHead of Restoration & Conservation

Kurt Bosshard

Head of Restoration & Conservation

Susanne DürrConservator

Susanne Dürr


Olivier BergerConservator

Olivier Berger


Marketing, Communication & Education Department

Alexandra MaurerHead of Marketing, Communication & Education DepartmentMember of the Extended Executive Board

Alexandra Maurer

Head of Marketing, Communication & Education Department
Member of the Extended Executive Board

Anna LaschingerProject Leader Marketing, Communication & Education

Anna Laschinger

Project Leader Marketing, Communication & Education

Christine DittmarHead of IT, Media Technology & Social Media 

Christine Dittmar

Head of IT, Media Technology & Social Media 

Trinidad MorenoProject Leader Visual Communication & Scenography

Trinidad Moreno

Project Leader Visual Communication & Scenography

Annegret SchneiderHead of Education Department

Annegret Schneider

Head of Education Department

Claudia Manser StollEducation Department

Claudia Manser Stoll

Education Department

Giorgia ImberApprentice Polydesign 3D

Giorgia Imber

Apprentice Polydesign 3D

Berke EkenCommercial Apprentice

Berke Eken

Commercial Apprentice

Florence Anliker Workshops

Florence Anliker 


Annina BanderetWorkshops

Annina Banderet


Anna HaesenWorkshops

Anna Haesen


Thomas HofmeierWorkshops 

Thomas Hofmeier


Charlotte HunkelerWorkshops

Charlotte Hunkeler


Judith MeierWorkshops

Judith Meier


Efi RompotiWorkshops

Efi Rompoti


Brigitte Schaffner SennWorkshops

Brigitte Schaffner Senn


Daniela Scharf JakobWorkshops & Guided Tours

Daniela Scharf Jakob

Workshops & Guided Tours

Jasmine TannerWorkshops

Jasmine Tanner


Finance & Services

Irena RudicHead of Finance & ServicesMember of the Extended Executive Board

Irena Rudic

Head of Finance & Services
Member of the Extended Executive Board

Brigitte NicosiaAssistant Finance & Services

Brigitte Nicosia

Assistant Finance & Services

Irene MitsasAssistant Services

Irene Mitsas

Assistant Services

Werner GengFront Desk 

Werner Geng

Front Desk 

Linh TranCommercial Apprentice

Linh Tran

Commercial Apprentice

Food & Beverage, Events

Nicole SalviHead Food & Beverage, Events

Nicole Salvi

Head Food & Beverage, Events

Anna LaschingerHead Events & Guided Tours

Anna Laschinger

Head Events & Guided Tours

Thorsten NatterHead Chef Bistro AMB

Thorsten Natter

Head Chef Bistro AMB

André Manuel Rodrigues da SilvaHead Service Bistro AMB

André Manuel Rodrigues da Silva

Head Service Bistro AMB

Lucas LiechtiAssistant Chef Bistro AMB

Lucas Liechti

Assistant Chef Bistro AMB

Utta WördenweberService Bistro AMB

Utta Wördenweber

Service Bistro AMB

Samira Di PinoService Bistro AMB

Samira Di Pino

Service Bistro AMB

Olivia HaslerService Bistro AMB

Olivia Hasler

Service Bistro AMB

Pilar LerchService Bistro AMB

Pilar Lerch

Service Bistro AMB

Lara Rebeca Martin PérezService Bistro AMB

Lara Rebeca Martin Pérez

Service Bistro AMB

Christina Borgulya-FalcignoGuided Tours

Christina Borgulya-Falcigno

Guided Tours

Josiane GerumGuided Tours 

Josiane Gerum

Guided Tours 

Rebecca LoebGuided Tours 

Rebecca Loeb

Guided Tours 

Christina SnopkoGuided Tours

Christina Snopko

Guided Tours

Mike StollGuided Tours

Mike Stoll

Guided Tours

Security & Facility Management

Benjamin NegriHead of Security & Facility Management

Benjamin Negri

Head of Security & Facility Management

Richard SieberDeputy Head of Security Dayshift

Richard Sieber

Deputy Head of Security Dayshift

Urs KaufmannHead of Technical Department

Urs Kaufmann

Head of Technical Department

Martin NobsDeputy Head of Security Events

Martin Nobs

Deputy Head of Security Events

Abdeslam AchlhiAssistant Technician

Abdeslam Achlhi

Assistant Technician

Coskun ErdoganCommercial Apprentice

Coskun Erdogan

Commercial Apprentice

Marianne BorerAttendant

Marianne Borer


Anna Maria Knechtli-De NardoAttendant

Anna Maria Knechtli-De Nardo


Peter LerchAttendant

Peter Lerch


Brigitta MoorAttendant

Brigitta Moor


Bernhard OberhauserAttendant

Bernhard Oberhauser


Felix SanerAttendant

Felix Saner


Christine Stucki Attendant

Christine Stucki 


Peter TannerAttendant

Peter Tanner


Hanspeter WitschiAttendant

Hanspeter Witschi


Board of Trustees of the Antikenmuseum Basel und Sammlung Ludwig

Dr. Stephan Feldhaus, President

Bernhard Berger, Vice President

Prof. Dr. Susanne Bickel

Dr. Felix Grisard

Prof. Dr. Martin Guggisberg

Prof. Dr. Vanessa Rüegger

Prof. Dr. Georg von Schnurbein

Dr. Claudia E. Suter